Urology is a leading specialty in Kelina Hospital. Urology and Minimal Access Surgery are the main focus of Kelina Hospital, Lagos.

Urology is the specialty in Surgery that deals with problems involving the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, in both males and females, and reproductive organs in males. Organs associated with the urinary system such as adrenal glands also fall under the care of Urologists. Congenital problems such as hermaphroditism or intersex are often handled by Urologists. Some of these problems require gender assignment, in which case it is difficult to determine whether the individual is male or female and surgery is required to make the child or adult look like a normal male or normal female.

Our Urology practice is headed by Dr C. U. Undie.
Dr Undie qualified from the University of Nigeria Medical School. He is a:
Fellow of the West African College of Surgeons
Former Executive Committee Member of the Nigerian Association of Urological Surgeons.
Member, Endourology Society
Member, American Urological Association
Member, the Societe Internationale d’Urologie (SIU).
Member, European Urology Association.

His main interest is in Minimal Access Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Laser Lithotripsy for kidney stones, Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HOLeP), Green Light Laser Vaporization of the Prostate.

Urology Practice in Kelina Hospital has been responsible for most of our milestones. For example:

  • The first Percutaneous Nephrolithotmy (PCNL) in Nigeria was done in Kelina Hospital.
  • Dr Undie was the first Nigerian Urologist to do PCNL on his own, using ultrasonic, laser and pneumatic lithotripsy.
  • The first Minipercutaneous Nephrolithotomy (Miniperc) in Nigeria was done in Kelina Hospital by Dr Undie.
  • Kelina Hospital was one hospital in Nigeria that started doing Bipolar TURP for prostate from the very beginning, rather than monopolar which everybody else was doing at that time.
  • The first laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer in Nigeria was done in Kelina Hospital.
  • The first laparoscopic pyeloplasty for Pelvi-ureteric Junction Obstruction or PUJ obstruction in Nigeria was done by Dr Undie.
  • Kelina Hospital is the first hospital in West Africa to acquire the Swiss Lithoclast Master for PCNL.
  • About half our Urology patients go home same day after surgery. More than 90% of our urological surgeries are done through Minimal Access Surgery (endoscopic or laparoscopic). Urology is the busiest department in Kelina Hospital.
  • Kelina was the first hospital in West Africa to do Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate.
  • Kelina was the first hospital in Africa to acquire, install or use the first P120 laser, Moses technology®
  • Kelina Hospital has never had any intra-operative mortality in 14 years.
Kelina Hospital Lagos surgery

Family Medicine

The Consultant Family Physician is available for routine consultation Monday to Friday. He is the first specialist that sees most patients in Kelina Hospital, and he could refer patients to some other specialties only if necessary. The Family Physician is trained in almost all clinical specialties and is the best doctor to see any member of the family, from the neonate to very old age, before it becomes necessary to consider any other consultation.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine that is managed by Consultant Physicians. Cardiology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neurology, Dermatology, Endocrinology are all branches of Internal Medicine.


The Paediatrician consults in the evenings. Most of the consultations are on appointment. Many of the patients seen by the Paediatrician can also be seen by the Family Physician. Occasionally, secondary consultation to the Urologist, Paediatric Surgeon or ENT Surgeon may be warranted.


Hypertension, heart failure, angina, atherosclerosis, cholesterol problems, are usually handled by the Cardiologist. The Cardiologist does echocardiography routinely. Electrocardiography (ECG) may be one of the tests requested before consultation with the Cardiologist.


There is a lot of dermatology in Urology and the Urologist is also interested in Dermatology. Outside this, dermatological consultation can be arranged on appointment.


Nephrology is the branch of medicine that is responsible for medical treatment of kidney diseases, including kidney failure. Sometimes patients in kidney failure require dialysis. The Nephrologist is responsible for this job. Some types of kidney failure are due to kidney stones or obstruction to urine flow. Patients in this category are best treated by the Urologist. The Urologist is also involved in kidney transplantation where kidney failure could not respond to treatment.

Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery

ENT Surgery is the specialty that takes care of problems in the airway, including nose, throat, trachea; problems in the ear including deafness, and problems in associated organs, eg salivary organs. ENT Surgery is one of our core specialties.


Gastroenterology is the specialty that is responsible for the care of people with medical or surgical problems in the alimentary tract. Passage of blood along with stool, vomiting of blood, indigestion, passage of mucus along with stool, bloatedness, are some of the common problems that would warrant endoscopy. Both Upper GI (gastroscopy) and lower GI (colonoscopy) endoscopy for problems around the abdomen are commonly done in Kelina Hospital.


Anaesthesia is the branch of medicine that has to do with pain management, prevention of pain while surgery is ongoing, adequate management of the patient’s airway, relaxation and comfort on the operating table, uneventful recovery from deep sleep while surgery is being performed, and management of the airway in patients that are very ill or have difficulty breathing on their own. Our anaesthestic management of patients on the operating table is a wonderful experience to have in Kelina Hospital. Our theatre is well-equipped with patient monitors and ventilators. Surgery experience in Kelina Hospital is not as frightening as people may have experienced elsewhere, and you can have your procedure without any form of anxiety whatsoever.

Kelina Anaesthesia machine


General Surgery

This specialty is responsible for surgery on intra-abdominal organs associated with the bowels, such as the stomach, duodenum, ileum, appendix, large intestine or colon, anal canal, anus, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, as well as surgery involving the glands and associated structures (skin, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, thyroid gland, breast or mammary gland, subcutaneous structures like abnormal accumulation of fat called lipoma). In Kelina Hospital, most of these surgeries are done by minimally invasive approaches, such as laparoscopic surgery or endoscopic surgery. Endoscopy, such as Colonoscopy, Oesophago-gastroduodenoscopy and laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic appendicectomy, are very routine procedures in Kelina Hospital.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Paediatric Surgery are some other specialist areas in which Kelina Hospital often sees patients.

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Surgical Services

Surgical services we provide include: Urology, Laparoscopic surgery, Endoscopic Surgery, Kidney Transplant etc