Swiss Lithoclast Master

This Swiss Lithoclast Master. This is a wonderful piece of technology for taking out large kidney stones. It is over 100% faster than standard ultrasonic lithotripsy.
Kelina Hospital Lagos 150W Laser

Electronic Medical Records System

Our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are a digital versions of the traditional paper-based medical records for an individual patient.

Equipment for Bipolar TURP

Bipolar resectoscope. Bipolar equipment for prostate surgery is the safest method of performing Transurethral Resection of the Prostate or TURP. Patients do not develop complications like TURP syndrome as they do when monopolar TURP is done. With our technology, even patients in heart failure, or patients who have had stroke, can safely have TURP.

Holmium Laser

Kelina Hospital has a holmium laser for lithotripsy and also for some other soft tissue surgery like endopyelotomy for Pelvi-ureteric (PUJ) junction obstruction, which causes disturbance of urine flow from the kidney. The kidney gets distended and ultimately stops functioning.

Lithotripsy is a process by which kidney stones or stones formed naturally in any part of the urinary tract can be pulverized.

Kelina Hospital Lagos Laser

Ultrasonic Lithotripter

Ultrasonic lithotripsy focuses high frequency sound waves on a kidney stone to break it up into tiny pieces that are easily and safely removed. This equipment breaks and sucks out stones simultaneously. It comes in handy when Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy is to be done for large kidney stones.

Autocon III

This was the first Autocon III electrosurgical machine in West Africa, acquired as soon as the technology was developed. It is used for electrosurgical procedures including bipolar TURP

Plasma Sterilizer

The best method of sterilizing endoscopic surgery equipment. The first in Nigeria

Harmonics Generator

The Harmonics scalpel can perform surgery without bleeding. The very little blood loss makes transfusions completely unnecessary. In these days of several types of infections that can be transmitted through blood transfusion, open surgery or bloody surgery is completely unattractive. Our method of surgery would be very attractive to Jehovah’s Witnesses who forbid blood transfusion.

The Harmonics Scalpel is used for most Laparoscopic Surgeries and can perform surgery without bleeding or with minimal blood loss


This equipment is used to examine the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum. Vomiting of blood could be a sign of cancer or just peptic ulcer. Upper GI endoscopy, sometimes called gastroscopy, helps to make an accurate diagnosis

Colonoscopy Equipment

This equipment is used to examine the large intestine or colon, another part of the body where cancers occur very commonly. It is advised that people who have passed blood in stool or have indigestion or dyspepsia for unexplained reasons should have a colonoscopy to find out if they have undiagnosed cancer. In some countries, colonoscopy is done routinely every 5 years on people like the elderly or those who have colonic cancers in their families to help pick out any cancer at a very early stage where it can still be treated curatively, before it spreads round the whole body.

Flexible Uretero-Nephroscope

With this equipment, the entire urinary tract can be examined up to the kidney. Any pathology in the urinary tract can be diagnosed. Sometimes lasers are passed through this equipment to burn up small tumours or cancers or to break up and remove kidney stones

Flexible Nephroscope

Sometimes this is needed to be able to navigate from one calyx to another during kidney stone surgery, in order to be able to clear all stones.

Flexible Uretero-renoscope

We have several flexible uretero-renoscopes for Ureterorenoscopy (URS) or Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS). The equipment is all High Definition, and they come from multiple companies, the best in the whole world. Virtually all types of endoscopic surgery in the kidney can be done in Kelina Hospital. All our equipment are frequently sterilized using the plasma sterilizer.


This is used for resection of Posterior Urethral Valves in children.

Mini-percutaneous Nephroscope

For Mini-Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy. One of the alternative procedures we have for treating kidney stones. Patients go home same day or a day after procedure.

Standard Nephroscope

For Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL). Standard method of treating huge kidney stones. Patients go home day after procedure.

High Definition Imaging

All our endoscopic, laparoscopic and laser-based surgeries are done under HD imaging. With HD Imaging, vision is incomparably clearer than what the naked eye can see.
Kelina Hospital Lagos surgery


Our endoscopic and laser-based surgeries are done under fluoroscoy. This makes the procedures easier and safer. Many of these devices are multiple, and we can easily switch from one to the spare.
Kelina Hospital Lagos machines

Equipment for Laparoscopic Surgery

The Gynaecologist, the Urologist and the General Surgeon all have different equipment suitable for their own use for various types of laparoscopic surgery.
Kelina Hospital Lagos theatre 2

Digital Radiology

Our films do not have to be printed. They can be sent to the patient or the referring doctor by email. Digital films make archiving a lot easier.
Kelina Hospital Lagos radiology
Kelina Hospital Lagos endoscope

Surgical Services

Surgical services we provide include: Urology, Laparoscopic surgery, Endoscopic Surgery, Kidney Transplant etc